The Saudi Fast Growth Awards (SFG) are an annual ranking of the fastest-growing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

SAGIA’s Private Sector Initiatives Program launchedthe Saudi Fast Growth 100 as its first initiative in 2008, to measurethe growth within the smaller-sized corporate segment of the Saudieconomy due to this segments’ impact on employment and the economy atlarge. The 2008 results took the Saudi business community by storm.Along with joint founding partners the Al Watan Newspaper andtheNational Commercial Bank(NCB), SAGIA’s NCC has brought the SFGforward into 2011 with a sight to further develop growth measurementsfor this segment of Saudi private sector to understand even more aboutthe how and why of general Saudi economic growth.

The program awards and highlights fast-growing Saudi companies that represent the future of the Kingdom. 

SFG 100 list measures the fastest growing SaudiArabian companies in two categories: companies over five years andstartups.

SAGIA, Alwatan newspaper and the NCB initiated theawards as founding partners, and are joined this year by Abraaj Capitalas a strategic sponsor, to recognize the contribution of fast growingprivate companies to the economy of Saudi Arabia. PwC has joined the SFGas Knowledge Partner.

SFG shines a spotlight on a new generation ofcompanies that are creating jobs and spurring innovation and growth.They are the Kingdom’s “leading indicator” of competitiveness. Byhighlighting these companies, the SFG seeks to ignite the imagination ofthe country’s entrepreneurs, encouraging them to take the risk andstart the next generation of small and medium-size companies, ensuringthe Kingdom's future prosperity.Each year we find and rank thefastest-growing companies in the Kingdom. Winners are ranked accordingto their revenue performance over the last three (3) years. In addition,we recognize companies that are less than five years old with the SaudiFast Growth Start-up Award. For the NCB's startup award, we rank companiesaccording to their revenue growth over the last two years. Regional companies and companies owned by women and young entrepreneurs will alsobe recognized. The application process is rigorous, includingverification of financial figures provided by applicant companies,ensuring awardees are real companies, with real growth and real success.

The awards seek to recognize the fastest growingbusinesses in the Kingdom. Generally, the fastest growing businesseswill be small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). SMEs are thefoundation of a vibrant, competitive, knowledge-based economy. TheNational Competitiveness Centre seeks to harness & encourage bestpractices within SMEs; to help them grow & flourish and have newones surface. In its effort to harness this important economic sector,the National Competitiveness Centre launched the Saudi Fast Growth tohelp find and highlight the fastest growing Saudi companies in order toshow the underlying health of the economy and its emergent trends. TheSFG list measures the fastest-growing Saudi Arabian companies; companiesover five years old and start-ups